Vegetable garden

Green Salad

16,50 €

Tomato carpaccio with parmesan

17,50 €

Pesto pasta salad

18,50 €

Carabaña Tomato and burrata with sweet onion

19,50 €

Our Logbook

Andalusian Style Squids

(Allergens: fish and gluten)

21,50 €

Andalusian Style Squids sandwich

(Allergens: fish and gluten)

21,50 €

Tuna Meatballs

(Allergens: fish, egg, lactose, gluten and seafood)

21,50 €

Grilled Red Prawn (10 pieces)

(Allergens: shellfish)

22,50 €

Bite of cod in tempura

23,50 €

Tuna Tartar

(Allergens:soy and egg)

23,50 €


French Fries in 3 Sauces

(Allergens – Sauces: gluten, soy, egg)

11,50 €

Cordovan salmorejo

14,50 €

Spanish Omelette & Padrón Peppers

(Allergens: egg)

16,50 €

Olivier Salad with Shrimps

(Allergens: egg and fish)

16,50 €

Assorted croquettes, 8 units. (red shrimp and Iberian ham)

egg, dairy, gluten, shellfish)

17,00 €

100% Iberian Ham

(Allergens: absence)

29,50 €

To Seafood

Mussels with La Lonja Sauce

(Allergens:seafood, sulphites, soy and gluten)


Little Clams in Albariño Sauce

(Allergens:shellfish and sulphites)

16,50 €

Garlic Cuttlefish with fried Egg

(Allergens:fish, sulphites, shellfish, egg and soy)

16,50 €

Grilled cuttlefish with white garlic

(Allergens:fish, egg)

17,50 €

Braised scallops


23,50 €

Fried eggs whit Lobster

25,50 €


Rice Plaza de Oriente (hen & beef shank)

(Allergens: sulphites)


A Banda Rice

(Allergens:fish, shellfish, soybeans and sulphites)

24,50 €

Red Prawn Paella

(Allergens:fish, shellfish, soybeans and sulphites)

24,50 €

Ask our team

about the fish of the dayand our rice dishes of suggestion ¡Don´t miss anything!

Land in Sight

Sausage pan with free-range eggs and padrón peppers


Tender burger (200gr) with sweet onion, tomatoe & cheese

(Allergens:fegg, gluten and lactose)


Beef entrecote with potatoes and padron peppers

(Allergens: absence)


Unsalvageable Sweets

Ice cream and sorbet

(Allergens: sulfites)


Cream brulee

(Allergens: sulphites, egg and gluten)


Lemon Pie

(Allergens: absence)


Chocolate in textures

(Allergens: lactose and egg)


The best Cheesecake in the world

(Allergens: lactose, egg and gluten)


Tahitian Vanilla Flan XL

(Allergens: lactose and egg)